Looking back on my life, I’ve come to understand that certain events were strengthening my faith in God and preparing me for the day when I would be called upon to share the Sacred Scriptures with others. I believe three of these events were signs, moments that defined who I am today and guided my path in God’s plan.

Sharing these signs with others is a part of my testimony in God’s plan. Let me start by saying that each of the three signs occurred separately, carried their own private message to me, and are easily corroborated by those people who were present when they occurred.

First Sign

        The first sign happened way up high in the mountains. When I was a child, my father and I were traveling from Italy to Germany by car. We drove up and around mountain ranges during a time when the weather was cold and icy. During one particular moment of our trip, my father drove over some “black ice” (ice that looks like road) causing the car to slide hard toward the edge of the mountain. Unbelievably though, at the exact angle where we should have plummeted to our deaths, there was a short guard rail (the first we had seen in over two hours of driving). The car slammed hard against the rail stopping us a foot short from the drop.

At that very moment, I realized there was something else in the world much more powerful than what I was seeing around me everyday. I knew, following the impact, that the appearance of a guard rail, in the middle of nowhere, was an act of divinity. Even as I looked at our surroundings, I could not find anything different from what I had been seeing the past couple of hours, except for the out-of-place guard rail that saved our lives. At that moment of realization, I knew that God existed.   

Second Sign

        In Georgia, I was dating a woman with three young children. She was scheduled to take a flight out of the state, with her children, to visit grandparents. The night before she was to leave, I had this very real dream:

“I saw a tree, a beautiful tree full of life, green, healthy, animals all around moving, flying. In this scene, three small birds caught my attention as they flew in and around the tree. As I focus more clearly on these three little birds, they broke away from the tree and started to fly toward something else. I followed them with my eyes, turning my head until I found myself facing the back of a rocking chair with a figure (instantly reminding me of my grandmother) rocking slowly back and forth. The figure was wearing black clothing with a black veil that covered her head and part of her face.  As my eyesight panned toward the front of the figure and I began to look down onto her face, she rose up her head, and in that instant I was staring into the face of death.”

I was never so frightened in my life. I instantly jumped up from my sleep covered in sweat, heart pounding, and wanting to scream. I slid down to the floor on my knees. My girlfriend woke up asking me what was wrong. After some silence, I told her what I saw in my sleep and that I knew what the vision was telling me.

The symbolisms in the dream were crystal clear. The tree represented life, children, seasons, growth, health. The three little birds flying away represented the three children flying the next morning to see their grandparents (in the vision the figure whom I believed to be a grandmother). In flying toward the grandparents, death awaited.

I was so sure of this, so certain, that I asked my girlfriend to let me have some time alone to pray. I went into the hallway, knelt down in front of a chair (on which to rest my arms in prayer) and prayed to God. I asked God to send his angels to stop this from happening. I prayed and cried for God to prevent this vision from coming true. After some time had past and the prayer ended, I slipped back into the room and went to sleep.

The next day, I was awakened by a telephone ringing. My girlfriend and her three children had already left the house earlier in the morning. They had to first go to her ex-husband’s house before going to the airport. The phone call I picked up was from the airlines. They were calling to inform my girlfriend that her flight has been unexpectedly delayed because of mechanical problems and were working to fix them.

I knew at that very instant, without any doubt, that God had answered my prayer. That I was meant to hear the message from the airlines and that the vision of my girlfriend and her children dying was going to be averted. Even the unusual detailed explanation from the airlines was given to me for a reason. After I hung up the phone, I sat in stunned silence and overwhelmed with numbness. I understood my connection to God, my relationship with the Creator, and the influence of divinity in each of our lives even in moments of life and death. 

The Third Sign

        It was a short drive I had made a hundred times. On this day the roads were wet from the rain that came down earlier in the morning. I was driving too fast around a bend in the road and my truck lost traction and quickly slid across the lanes and toward the opposite embankment. I tensed up as I was aware I was not wearing a seatbelt. In tried to turn quickly to stay on the road, but it was too late. My truck went down the embankment where it rolled over three times before resting on its side. I had to climb out of the back widow and into the side of my truck bed in order to step away from the truck. As people stopped their cars along the road above the embankment, I began to check to see if I was ok. I was fine, I was shaken up but I didn’t feel pain anywhere. I began to wonder as people starting to come down the embankment, how I was ok, how I climbed out of my truck without being hurt. The way the truck rolled, the damage the truck sustained, no way I should have avoided some type of injury.

After someone had called 911 and a few minutes past, I climbed back into the side of my truck bed (as the truck was still lying on its side) and proceeded to step through my back window to get inside the truck cabin to remove personal items (wallet, etc). As soon as I entered into the cabin, the first thing I saw was a symbol of God hanging perfectly from its chain around my rearview mirror. The symbol hanging on the mirror would have been incredible enough but I knew it was impossible for it to be there when it was buried inside the closed middle armrest of the truck. After surviving the accident, I realized that God is with us every moment of our lives whether we accept him or not. We either bring our faith in God into our decisions making process or we do not. Either way we are creating divine consequences that influence this life and the next.