The Prophecy

The following testimony was given by Peter Samaras and recorded by Jonathan Lebeau:

I couldn’t stay awake any longer so I decided to finish in the morning. I remember walking to my room, turning the lamp off and lying down, drifting quickly into sleep.

In my dream that night the sky was beautiful and I stood overlooking a large expanse of water, a blue ocean as far as anyone could see. I stood quietly alone marveling at the breathtaking grandeur of the world when fear suddenly gripped me, shaking me into panic as a monstrous violent crackle of lightning tore through the silence above me.

I looked up, catching my breath, when I suddenly saw the sky dotted with seven blazing fires that formed a circle and appearing suspended beneath a white cloud. I stared at the fires with curiosity as I waited for something to happen. Then, in the center of the seven fires a larger fire appeared, much greater in size. This fire grew even larger as it consumed the seven smaller fires and spread quickly in all directions until within moments the entire sky was on fire all the way to the horizon. Then the fire covered the horizon and grew from the distance of the horizon until the fire covered the entire ocean closing in toward me.

As I watch the world around me consumed with fire and felt the burning air, I collapsed underneath the weight of my fear. I curled on the ground with the side of my head pushing against the dirt and both hands covering my face. I squeezed my eyes shut waiting to die. Then I screamed as my skin began to burn but I could not hear my own cries as the sound of the world burning around me was deafening. Then, instantly there was silence and no pain.

I began to feel cool air sweeping across my hands and between my fingers onto my soaked face. I was too frightened to move or look so I waited in silence breathing cool air into my lungs. Then I heard a voice call out to me “Rise Peter for I am your Creator”.

Hearing these words, I wiped the damp dirt from the side of my face, and slowly opened my eyes. What I beheld was my world. I saw the ocean in all directions, the beautiful horizon, and the blue sky over me. It took a moment to realize no one was around me. Then, as if someone stood next to me, more words followed saying “The final temptation is given, the temptation of the false Messiahs. Now you will give testament and the confirmations to all people so they will know their Creator has not abandoned them”.

At the moment the last word was spoken, the day turned into night and an elderly man radiating brightly appeared before me in treasured robes. He said to me, “With these Confirmations you will open a path toward God, the One”.

This elderly man then looked away and, as I slowly pulled my gaze away from him, I saw words burning into the air above us, slowly surrounding us, as if written upon a gigantic circular wall. These were the Confirmations, one after the other, and I read each Confirmation in his language. The moment I finished, I understood the wisdom of each Confirmation. I turned to the man and asked, I know you. His mouth opened and he said to me “I am Solomon. I am with God in all things”.

As I stared at this man, this king, I heard him say “You are the deliverer of hope. You will speak the languages of many and give these confirmations to all men, women, and children. Those who live by these confirmations will rise above others and find their eternity. And those who do not will fall into their darkness. This covenant is given by God”.

I silently repeated the words to myself “…deliverer of hope…rise above others…covenant is given by God…” until waking. I sat up in my bed. In silence I looked around my room. It was still night but my eyes could see everything in my room. Nothing changed.

Then I began speaking again, reciting the words in an almost trance-like rhythm. In English “you are the deliverer of hope” and in Russian “you will speak the languages of many” and in Arabic “and give these confirmations to all men, women, and children” and in French “those who live by these confirmations” and in Greek “will rise above others and find their eternity” and in Mandarin Chinese “and those who do not will fall into their darkness” and in German “this covenant” and in Hindi “is given by God”.

I then spoke in a mixture of Vietnamese, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, and Spanish as I almost uncontrollably voiced wisdom of the past and present. I had answers I never knew, to questions I never thought to ask.

Then I remembered the fire from my dream and I rose from my bed and walked into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror, staring into my own eyes. Then, carefully I studied the details of my face then looked at the details of my hands, arms and saw no burning, no redness, nothing. As I looked at my own face again, I saw a bright light shine behind me. I turned around and felt my body moving back into the bedroom.

Standing in my room, I was staring at a figure of soft white streams of light. The face and body of the figure shifted in circles but did not move from its place. I was afraid to move or speak but something compelled me to speak. In a measured voice I asked “Who are you”. Then I heard a reply “You will give testimony then travel to the cathedral in Rouen to fulfill prophecy as God commands”. I asked “how will I know…” but before I finished the question, I knew the answer.

Then this figure of light, moved toward me and I closed my eyes. When I reopened my eyes a moment later, the figure was gone.

I could see my life in the past and the days ahead, as if I had just finished watching a film and knew every scene. I did not wait for daylight to arrive, I packed and left everything else behind. I was traveling to Paris.