Following my 51 questions to Peter, I was offered three miracles, over a period of three days, to erase any remaining doubt that Peter Samara is a messenger from God. I give my word, my sworn testimony on my life that everything I am about to describe was real, that all three happened just as I have written.



For the sake of irony, I brought Peter a copy of the Holy Bible to translate. I also brought my recorder so I could capture the entire event which I was sure would be a disappointment. I put the Holy Bible in front of Peter. He looked at it for a moment, did not open the pages, and then, to my surprise, he pushed the book back to me. I knew it. Here it comes. The excuse. Then Peter said to me, open the book, pick a chapter and verse and I will fulfill my promise to you.

I stared at Peter for a moment, in disbelief. Then, I opened the book, randomly selected a page from the Old Testament and told Peter to begin reading from the chapter and verse I had selected. Peter began immediately, not seeing a single page from inside the book. I started the recorder. Peter spoke naturally, with no hesitation, and even identified the language when he made a change. I could not believe I was hearing this but I kept my focus as he continued speaking for almost an hour. Finally, he stopped and there was silence.

We spoke afterwards for only a short period of time as I was eager to investigate the recording. For the rest of the day and into the night, I used every resource I could call or make contact with to verify or debunk what I had heard. From what I learned, Peter spoke the following language: Arabic, Armenian, Bavarian, Bengali, Burmese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Sudanese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Late into the night, after an exhaustive search, I was able to validate eleven of the twenty-eight languages on the recording. I was simply too tired to continue. As I lay in bed, I thought, despite how amazing this was, it is possible to learn even more than twenty-eight languages. But how do you explain memorizing the Bible and in so many languages?

Peter was a special man, but a messenger from God? It wasn’t possible. Not possible. I wasn’t sure what to believe but I couldn’t let go of my remaining doubts.


On the second day, we went to a brasserie on the Ile of Saint Louis. I wore my eyeglasses and not my contacts. After we ate our meal and were sitting back relaxing, Peter asked that I take my right hand and place it over my face covering my eyes. Out of intrigue and wanting to give no excuse for the expected failing of this miracle, I did exactly as Peter asked. I took off my eyeglasses, set them on the table in front of me, opened my palm and placed my scarred hand over my closed eyes. A moment later, I felt Peter’s hand covering my hand. He then whispered words I did not understand while keeping his hand over mine. Then he whispered more words but different than the first words.

After a moment of silence, he removed his hand from mine and told me to remove my hand from my face and look at my hand. I did so slowly.

I looked down and stared at my hand. The scar was gone, it was gone. My God I said. My God. Holy God. Peter then said to me, do you see? And he looked right at me. It was at that moment, when I was going to answer, that I realized I was not wearing my eyeglasses. I looked past my hands onto the table and their lay my eyeglasses.

I stared in disbelief. Then I heard Peter say again, do you see? With his words, I pulled my mind into focus on what Peter was asking, and replied yes!

At that moment, my mind began to process what I was experiencing. All around me, the people, the faces, the tables, the lamppost, the trees, the buildings in the distance were all perfectly in focus. I rose from my chair almost falling from the weight of the moment and began walking toward the rails overlooking the water.

As I approached the rails, I began weeping, crying aloud, proclaiming within myself “God. God..I can see, I am so sorry, I am sorry”. Looking up into the sky I began to cry harder “God, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me”. Finally I felt a hand on my shoulder and realized I had fallen onto my knees. I began wiping the tears from my eyes and face. Peter placed his arms underneath mine and helped me up. I could not say anything to him. I could only show him the pain, regret, and shame on my face. I looked down again, staring at my hands.

I did not give attention to the people looking at me when I walked back and sat down. Peter did not say a word as I looked upon his face. “I’m sorry” I said to Peter, “I’m so sorry for not believing you”. Peter told me that honoring God healed my hand and my eyesight. He said I must give testimony to what has happened.

That night, I spoke to God in my prayer, something I have not done since childhood. After hours of self confessions, emotional releases, and asking for forgiveness, I exhaustingly slipped into bed and slept. When I finally woke, I wrote about everything that happened, the miracle, my feelings, about Peter, everything. I placed my eyeglasses at the end of the table, taking a few moments from my writing to look at them.

Peter told me that we will go out later than our usual time tomorrow. Peter said he needs his time for God. We both needed time for God.


Finally, as half of the third day passed away, I got ready and met Peter. We decided to visit the Ile of Saint Louis again. We sat on benches overlooking the waterway. I wanted to apologize again for my doubting him but said nothing.

Peter looked across the water in silence. When I asked if everything was ok, he told me his premonition was not good. I waited for more but he remained quiet for a few more minutes, then he spoke.

Peter foretold of an earthquake in Peru that would take the lives of many people, destroy many homes, and affect many cities.

I looked at him in astonishment. It took me a moment to contemplate my response. I then asked when the earthquake would occur. Peter said within the next two days. I thought to myself, he is saying this Thursday, hundreds maybe thousands of people will die. I asked where. Peter said the earthquake will be off the coast of Peru and with this earthquake a cathedral will fall in a town killing many people.

At that moment, I understood that the future was revealed to me. I asked myself, what do I do? I wanted to call the authorities, tell them what I learned, call someone to save the lives of those people. Peter, probably sensing my growing panic and confusion, said to me, “do what you can for God gives you choice, gives you decisions to make in all things”. I wasn’t sure what to do. A part of me felt empowered because I learned about the future, another part of me was numb to the surreal position I was in of having to react to this future reality.

I sat quietly, feeling helpless. After some time, I asked Peter what does God want from me. Peter said, God wants you to share your testimony so that others may share your testimony with the world. We spoke of the future, of my testimony, and of events that will come to pass. After speaking a little longer, I spent the remainder of the day praying to God for mercy on those living near the coast of Peru.

What Peter foretold was soon on the news and just as Peter described, people died and many homes were destroyed.