The Interview

On the third day of our talks, Peter agreed to answer questions I had written the night before. Here are the 51 questions asked and his answers:


  • Who are you?
    My name is Peter Samaras. My mother is from England and my father from Brazil. I have never married and have no children.
    1. Do you come from a religious background?
      My mother was Protestant and my father Catholic. Both were very religious. I always found myself drawn to my Protestant heritage but most of my early years were spent in the Catholic church.
  • Where did you learn your teachings?
    God came to me. Spoke to me. Spoke within me. This is the source of my teachings and my testimony.
  1. Could your dream of meeting God not be what you think it is?
    God creates the realities that we see and the ones that we don’t see. I believed at the time that I was experiencing a reality of God’s choosing and the subsequent events only confirmed my belief. This is the beginning of a new time, a time to obey the Confirmations and strengthen your faith in God. I offer testimony on this beginning.
  1. What do you tell people that do not believe you?
    Give your love to God, strengthen your relationship with the Creator.


  1. Will the world will end and if so, when and how will end?
    Do not worry of the world ending, for this will happen when no man, woman or child walks the Earth. But be warned, in the year 2029 the world will be at war and there will be such great loss of life and such destruction that many will believe the world is ending. Horror will grip all who remain as they witness the night sky brighten before going into darkness for many years.
  2. Is there a way to keep this from happening?
    Yes, as all things are possible through the Creator. It is God that is above all that happens in this life and the next.  


    1. Who is Jesus? Is Jesus the savior of mankind?
      Your relationship with God is your savior. Jesus is stories, yet, even in stories Abraham was accepted by God before the birth of Jesus. Stories will not replace reality, but if they inspire you to strengthen your relationship with God then they are more valuable than all the treasures in the world. But, I warn you, following stories that contradict God, are the tools of false prophets designed to lead you to darkness.
    2. What about religion, church. What part do these play in the eternal covenant and the Confirmations?
      Blessings to those who worship God for they seek to strengthen their spirituality and personal relationship with our Creator. But remember, God is everywhere and without borders. Do not let the grandeurs of a church, temple, synagogue or other places of worship fool you, for even in the story of Adam, Eve and paradise there were no churches, only the relationship between people and God. Finally, the message of God is clear, for all people to understand without the burdens of misinterpretations or inconsistencies. Beware of writings that profess the teachings and wisdom of God for if they reveal misinterpretations and inconsistencies, these are the words of man and not God. 
  • Does real evil exist?
    Evil it is that which opposes the Confirmations and dishonors God. Evil destroys spirituality, weakens your relationship with the Creator. The possibility of evil exists within the thoughts of people. Evil therefore has a purpose, it is the temptation people are given to turn away from God.  
  • You say God is the creator of all things, did he create evil?
    God’s influence is of endless possibilities allowing all things to exist. The potential for evil was given birth the moment God created and gave people choice. Until that moment, evil did not exist.
  • Does Satan exist and is there false prophets?
    No, Satan does not exist. The stories of Satan come from the teachings of the false prophets and serve their own purpose. Be  vigilant of false prophets who say they are with God and yet profess acts that go against the Confirmations. These are guides into spiritual darkness with their own self serving agendas. Beware also of priests who use scripture, rituals and traditions for personal gain and speak more of their church than of the Confirmations.
  • Who are the three false prophets?
    Identifying the three false prophets are milestones each person must reach and pass on his or her journey to God.  They will know each of these prophets by their teachings and contradictions of the Confirmations. Their message of God, hope and compassion wrap up ambitions that are not of the Creator. Their followers will deny the misinterpretations, inconsistencies and follow blindly into darkness as they accuse others of blasphemy and falsehoods. And yet, a fourth and final false prophet will rise and will be known by all the world before the world feels the destruction the follows.    
  • Do angel exist?
    Yes and they open up pathways to God but let people choose whether to walk those pathways.  


  • If God created everything, why are there diseases, disasters in the world?
    God created all worlds, yet the weakness of minds see only one reality. People weakened their relationship with the Creator and therefore let themselves drift into a single reality. This one reality carries diseases, disasters and death. People choose whether to continue drifting in this one reality or drawing closer to God and seeing other realities that God had created for them.  
  • Why does God not reveal himself?
    God is revealed everywhere and in everything yet people refuse to accept God’s presence because they accept only one reality. People believed they existed independently from the universe despite their connection to everything around them. Even when people discovered their connection to everything, they still struggle to accept it. So I am sent here to bridge what they have not accepted, that is, their connection to the world and to the presence of God.   
  • How do we know that God exists?
    People already know that God exists but they forgot this knowledge when they entered into their world of a single reality. If people believe in their own existence, in the world they live in, in the universe, then they already know of the Creator even if they don’t realize it. One cannot see God’s eternity if they cannot see past their single reality. When people are ready to look beyond this one reality, they will know even more of God.
  • Is there a spiritual world?
    There is a spiritual existence for everything in creation, so yes, there is a spiritual world. The reason people cannot see this world is because their minds are always limiting the limitless information around them. This closes off their accepting and understanding of all realities including the spiritual world around them.
  • Can religion help us see the spiritual world? Which religion is right?
    Yes if that religion, regardless of its name, tradition or history, believes in the one true God as Creator of all things. Yet any religion seeking to separate personal relationships with God through distractions such as guilt, personal vengeance, greed, etc does not revere God above themselves. These religion damages spirituality and pull people away from God with false promises.
  • Are some Confirmations more important than others?
    You cannot strengthen your spirituality and personal relationship with God if you do not Revere God.


  1. With the third, seventh, and eighth Confirmations speaking of harm to others, does that apply to animals or just humans?
    Do not harm people or animals for the sake of harming. Follow the Confirmations given by God. People should hold all life, whether human or animal, whether in this world or another, in reverence for all life is given by the Creator.
  2. What about capital punishment?
    The Confirmations says Forgiveness Through Atonement. If neither atonement nor forgiveness is given, those who have caused harm may suffer the harm they caused others. Only in this way can they understand the depth of the harm they caused and their connection to the world.
  3. What should the punishment be for those who molest children?
    If someone has turned away from God by harming others then they too should be harmed unless forgiven through atonement by those who were harmed. Only in this way will they understand the depth of their harm and their connection to the world.
  4. How should we interpret harm when one Confirmation says Live Without Harm and the other says Rebuke Evil?
    Harming others to prevent an even greater harm is like curing a sickness to prevent getting an even greater sickness. Harming others, without fulfilling the Confirmations, is breaking your obedience to the Confirmation that says Live Without Harm.   


  1. And what does God want us to do about abortions?
    The Confirmation says Live Without Harm. Abortion is disobedience to this Confirmation. Remember however, if the mother may die from the pregnancy or birth of the child, then she will have allowed herself to be harmed and this is breaking the Confirmation also. So the mother must choose to save her own life, for by living she may seek forgiveness and offer atonement for harming another. The child who has been lost is without disobedience to God and therefore does not suffer the need for forgiveness or atonement.
  2. The Catholic Church says not to use birth control. Is this God’s will?
    Birth control is not against God for the Confirmation says Embrace Knowledge And Wisdom. If people desire to prevent pregnancy and have gained the knowledge to do so, then it is not against the Confirmations.


  1. Should there be separation between God and the government?
    No, God should not be excluded from anything in life, not even governments. Understand however, if governments support people choosing their path to or from God, then the government is welcoming God into their workings. For the Creator gives each of us a choice to either move toward God or away from God. So, remember, follow God in all your ways without excuse or fear. Do not spend time worrying about what your neighbor does or what the government does for what they do has no value to your personal relationship with God.
  2. What about Jihad?
    God commands eternal judgment. It is pride and arrogance for people to reach for that which God commands. Any religion forcing a person to honor God or punishing a person for not honoring God is committing an act of blasphemy that requires atonement in order to be forgiven. There is wisdom in understanding that the Creator has given each of us the right to choose our path in this life and the next. Again, our path, not the path of others. To force a choice on anyone or make their choice for them, is placing oneself above God. People must draw closer to God even as those around them turn away from God. They must seek their spirituality within themselves, within their own home. The greater the challenge from the outside world on your own spirituality, the greater the honor you will give to God in keeping and even strengthening your spirituality.


  1. What does God say about racism, integration, etc?
    Care for others, show compassion. Do do not harm others in word or action because of differences, instead look to honor and revere God by treating others as you would want to be treated. However, people should not be forced to accept others into their lives for it weakens the spirit by bringing distractions such as anger, mistrust, guilt, etc into their relationship with the Creator, thus breaking the Confirmation that says Cleans Your Mind. Remember also the Confirmation that says Show Love and Compassion. Through this Confirmation you may find peace next to someone, honoring your connections to them and to God. 


  1. What about divorce?
    If marriage brings anger, mistrust, and fear into your life that you cannot overcome, then you will bring these into your relationship with God. It is better to divorce and be free of these distractions than to pray to God with these burdens, for the Confirmation says Cleanse Your Mind. Seeking a divorce and asking forgiveness from God for your union is a humbling admittance that you are not perfect. To proclaim otherwise, when the marriage is unhealthy, is prideful and casts a shadow upon your relationship with the Creator. 


  1. What about euthanasia or suicide?
    The Confirmation says Live Without Harm. It is against the Confirmations to end a life, even ones own. However, if one chooses to break this Confirmation through suicide, the person must first seek to strengthen their relationship with God before dying and receiving atonement from those that will be harmed from their death. In these cases, do not despair, for God sees all things, even into the hearts and minds of people, so people should not carry the suffering of guilt for their decision as there is so much weighed during their lifetime than this one act.


  1. What about evolution and creationism?
    God is the Creator of all things. Evolution is like the left over residue from one single atom found in the entire universe revealing only one of God’s creations. And while evolution may be insignificant in comparison to the omnipotence of God, it is nonetheless a part of creation that glorifies God. Do not let any doctrine, neither religious or scientific; change your understanding of this. Darwin correctly discovered a miniscule part of God’s creation of evolution. Science and religion, instead of having the wisdom to recognize these truths, have lost their focus on God. One denies God and hides behind God’s creation of evolution, the other denies God’s creation of evolution and hides behind God. Science and religion are given to men to accept and honor the Creator. These are not opposites, these are paths for people to understand their connection to the world and to the Creator. I tell you with certain knowledge, that people and animals existed before, in near harmony, yet people were given the gift of choice to accept or reject God. When people used this gift and chose knowledge above the Confirmations of God, they spurned paradise and fell into this reality, this world where animals existed in one different reality. Over time, people and animals evolved, as Darwin discovered with evolution, but people carried knowledge from their world, their paradise into the new world so their minds developed unlike the minds of any animal in this world.


  1. Speaking of evolution, I have a practical question to ask. Is sex against God?
    The desires for sex, attraction to others, are not against the Confirmations of God. When people live according to the Confirmation that says Live Without Harm, they may live in any manner of their choosing without fear of disobedience to God. However be warned, if anything, including sex, becomes a distraction from honoring God, then remove the distraction by any means that does not go against the Confirmations. Sexual expression unto itself has no boundaries except those set forth by the Confirmations.  
  2. What about gays and lesbians?
    These lifestyles do not keep people from obeying the Confirmations and honoring God. Remember the Confirmation to Live Without Harm.
  3. What about pornography?
    As with many pleasures people seek, pornography is against God when it causes harm to oneself or others or when it distracts from honoring God. Remember, do not dishonor one Confirmation for another. If these acts bring harm in anyway, physical, emotional, or spiritual then they must be abandoned.


  1. What about genetic engineering or stem cell research?
    Obey the Confirmation that says Embrace Knowledge and Wisdom. God has created everything including the intelligence to survive. If genetic engineering, stem cell research or space exploration helps people survive and better understand the world God created, then these endeavors honor the Creator.
  2. What about global warming?
    If global warming is a threat to people, then people should protect themselves and honor the Confirmation that says Live Without Harm.


  1. What about world hunger?
    This is disobedience to the Confirmation that says Show Love and Compassion To Others for God has created a world with an abundance of food. Let people obey the Confirmation that says Show Love and Compassion to others with caring, food, shelter, medicine, and education for honoring God. 
  2. What about issues such as obesity and wealth?
    Remember the Confirmation that says Live Without Harm and there you will find your answer.
  3. What about women’s rights?
    Follow the Confirmation that says Show Love and Compassion. Do not bring the burden of anger, resentment into your life or the life of others. Find wisdom in understanding that men and women are the children of God. There is no position before God that is exclusive to either, so walk carefully with any religion that provides exclusions based upon gender, for this is a sign of evil and corruption upon those leading the religion. 


  1. Does it exist? If so, what is Heaven like?
    Yes, but you cannot ask a four dimensional question with an answer that is of greater dimensions. The question is without merit. It is like asking what is before God. The measure of the question itself does not exist in the answer, for the answer is beyond the definition and understanding of the question.
  2. What about the rituals?
    Rituals allow the spiritual world to affect the physical world, but answering your question would tempt those who are spiritual weak, easily given to temptation, and lack the acceptance and understanding of their connection to the world. The knowledge of this mystery is sacred and has been shared with the few in history who have mastery of their spirituality and accepted God above all without condition.  
  3. Is there judgment after this life?
    There was never a judgment day as spoken by the church. God created a world allowing people to choose the path of their lives and to shape their coming life. Many have found the wisdom of understanding that their spirituality in this world affects the afterlife. Any person obeying the Confirmations and strengthening their relationship with God, are drawn closer to God in their next life. Any person turning away from God in this life, through evil such as abandoning the Confirmations, are drawn closer to evil in the next life.  
  4. Is there true forgiveness? If so, how can we seek forgiveness?
    As the Confirmation says Seek Forgiveness Through Atonement. If you struggle in finding atonement, seek a person who is spiritually strong, obeys the Confirmations, and honors God. Seek this person’s counsel, for in helping you they are following the Confirmation that says Show Love and Compassion To Others.


  1. How can I know that you are a messenger from God?
    I have the power and authority given to me by God to carry out God’s purpose. The purpose of sharing testimony and giving the world the covenant of God’s Confirmations. For these reasons I will show you that God has empowered me with the languages of many so that you will know God has spoken to me, a healing miracle so that you will know that the message I bring affects the living world, and a premonition so that you will understand that the covenant is for each person’s future in this life and the next. I will give you one during each of the next three days so that you will believe in the seriousness of this purpose.
  2. How will I know if you are really speaking different languages?
    Tomorrow you may bring me any book and I will read the literal translation of its pages in many different languages for you to record and verify. During this time, you may ask me any question about what I am saying and in what language.
  3. You will really do this?
    Yes, bring me any book and I will do as I have told you. I will read in many languages so that you will accept that God’s message is meant for the world.  
  4. Ok, what about the healing miracle?
    You told me that the scar on your hand was from a burn accident you suffered when you were eight years old. I will heal your burn as if it never existed so that you will know that my message affects the living. 
  5. These things you are promising are not possible.
    This is why I offer you these signs so that you will believe in the message and in God.
  6. And the premonition? Can I ask about the future?
    I will give you a premonition on the third day of meeting. The premonition will occur within two days after. Then you will know that the covenant I bring from the Creator is for each person’s future in this life and the next.
  7. Last question. Why did you choose me to hear your testimony?
    Jonathan you were chosen to bear witness so that you would give testimony, the testimony of one who did not believe. And when your beliefs change, you will understand why everything you have learned cannot be shared with everyone except for those others chosen by God. This is your purpose.