The Testimony of Peter Samaras

What we know is that in August of 2007, Peter Samaras spoke with the authority given to him by God. During a period of six days, Peter revealed to Jonathan an ability to prophesize, the power to perform miracles, and the sacred teachings given to him by the Creator.

These three documented facts authenticate Peter Samara’s status as a servant of God. On the sixth day of testimony, Peter’s fulfilled his promise to God. From that moment forward, Peter’s testimony was in the hands of Jonathan Lebeau.


The Journal of Jonathan Lebeau

What I am writing in this record is the testimony given to me by Peter Samaras. These are his words, his message, and they are meant for all of mankind for it was Peter that said, “my testimony is the hope God has given to the world”.

Everything began when I met Peter while having lunch at a bistro where I had stopped shortly after visiting the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a place I had visited many times. Peter walked up to my table and introduced himself asking if he could join me for lunch. I was somewhat startled but I didn’t mind the request and would enjoy the company, so I said “yes”.

As we ate and spoke, we shared our knowledge of the religious architecture in Paris. I was astonished at the details Peter revealed to me about religious architecture and then religious history. I was certain that he either created the information or had completed a dissertation on the subject. At the end of this fascinating conversation, Peter paused and asked if I believed in God. I was mildly surprised to be asked such a blunt personal question, but I answered. I told him I did not and that I was an atheist despite my appreciation for religious architecture. He then began saying things about God with such certainty. The more words he spoke, the more I wanted to hear.

Much to my regret, time passed quickly during our discussion. Peter had to leave. He was on a pilgrimage to the cathedral in Rouen. I asked him to remain in Paris for a few days. I offered to let him stay with me so that we could continue our talk and that afterwards I would drive him to Rouen. I told him that I was inspired and that I wanted to hear more about his pilgrimage and teachings.

Peter thanked me for the offer and said he accepted on two conditions. He said that I could not talk about him to anyone until after I visited the Cathedral in Rouen and that I promise to never deny hearing his teachings. I wanted to ask if he was serious but I could see that he was, so, I agreed with little hesitation.

For the next five days we spoke. I listened, questioned, and recorded everything from revealed information and inspired teachings to events that can only be described as miracles. During the day, I recorded everything and at night, I transcribed every word from the recordings.

On the seventh day, I woke up a little after 10 am and did not find Peter in his room. I thought he went out so I waited, reading over the transcribed notes, listening to the recordings, and went nowhere for hours until night arrived. I again looked into his room. There were no notes or messages anywhere. Then in an instant, I understood what happened and I knew that I had to travel to the Cathedral in Rouen.

Jonathan Lebeau


What I learned from Peter made everything else in my life less important. I need to make changes for what is happening and people need to know the truth.

The creation of the journal has taken me weeks of copying and typing. I gave great attention to every word spoken by Peter, completing section by section until nothing was left to write. When I finished the journal it contained everything I learned. It holds the secrets, the miracles I have witnessed, the revelations of the three false prophets, the Confirmations, the rituals, the new nations, and the life beyond this life. This journal is the compilation of all my notes, it is alive, and it contains the word of God.  

Jonathan Lebeau


The creation of the journal has taken me weeks of copying and typing. Now that I am finished, I will travel to the cathedral and keep my promise. And, although I know my time with Peter has ended, I feel that going to the cathedral will be the real ending of my part in this experience. Yet, with this ending, I feel alive, awakened from a lifetime of sleep, reborn.  


Jonathan Lebeau


Jonathan and Anna

What we know is that Jonathan Lebeau made a journal containing the written record of the audiotape testimony given by Peter Samaras. He then took a train from Paris to Rouen. While there, he met a woman named Anna outside the Cathedral of Rouen.

According to Anna, Peter introduces himself and tells her about Peter Samaras, his testimony and his disappearance. They spent hours talking before Anna asks to see the journal. Peter agrees and tells Anna to take the journal to her home in Oslo, Norway where she can read all of it. He tells her to share the journal with others and his fear of being one of the few sources to know the history of the journal. Anna agrees and takes the journal. Upon returning to Norway, Anna begins translating the journal into Norwegian as she waits to hear from Jonathan.

After a single contact from Jonathan, Anna keeps the journal safe for three years before finally sharing the content of the journal with an American visiting Norway. She tells the American the entire history of the journal and requests the American take the journal back to the USA. Upon reviewing the journal, the American, Michael Holder, takes the journal and agrees to share the testimony of Peter Samaras and keep the original journal safe.

In August 2010, under condition of anonymity, Anna gives the journal to Michael Holder.


Michael Holder

What we know is that Michael Holder returned to the United States with the journal and spent the next two years researching the content of the journal and the information provided to him by Anna. Following his research, Michael identifies the journal as authentic and refers to it as the Sacred Scriptures.

After much thought and a life-altering experience (see Darkness Rises), Michael transfers the original journal out of the country and, shortly thereafter, forms Arcanum Dei.