As explained by Peter Samaras: People honor God, confirm their love of God, by accepting these confirmations as their guide in life without giving in to distractions such as politics, social agendas and religious differences. People should keep these confirmations in their mind when searching for answers, making decisions or taking action.

The following are Peter Samara’s comments
for each of the Confirmations:



Revere God by offering your deepest, most personal devotion to God and by following the confirmations, for these are from the Creator.


This confirmation asks people to cleanse their minds of ongoing burdens such as guilt, anger, and jealousy as a way of creating tranquility and focus in their relationship with God. People must also cleanse their lives of temptations that bring burden into their minds. Growth in their spiritual life is practicing this confirmation in their daily life.


This confirmation asks that people should live without harm to self or others. This confirmation strengthens the personal relationship people have with the Creator and allows them to remove all guilt for how they choose to live their life. But, people must be careful not to use this confirmation to excuse not obeying any of the other confirmations. They must be careful not to live in a way that causes physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual harm. As in the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve could eat of any tree except from the one tree, so can people live their lives anyway they choose except at the expense of harming themselves or others.


People should show love and compassion for others, especially their family whether born unto them or coming unto them. Love and compassion is shown to others through selfless acts such as kindness, commitment, honesty, support, sacrifice and respect. Not harming others is honoring the confirmations but blessings come when love and compassion is shown to others. Within the acts of love and compassion there is a closer connection to God.


This confirmation asks people to bestow blessings upon children, born and yet born, by offering their love and devotion, protection from harm, and, most importantly, spiritual guidance. Remember, in offering spiritual guidance and revealing the Creator, people must allow children to choose their own path to or away form God.


People should explore the world and its mysteries, for in doing so, they are discovering the wondrous works of God. Researching these discoveries should be accepted and supported. For each life that is saved through the discoveries made in this world, honors the Creator.


Forgiveness through atonement brings blessings and strengthens the spirit. If a person steals money, they must give more money back. If their lies cause harm, they must give the truth and work to heal the harm they have caused. People who seek forgiveness may request an offer for atonement from those they have harmed or from the wisdom of those who minister. If the atonement is satisfied, forgiveness is given. If neither atonement nor forgiveness is given, they may suffer the harm they caused others. This way, they may understand the depth of their harm and their connection to the world.


People should seek spirituality through enlightenment and counsel throughout the world God has created thereby strengthening their personal relationship with the Creator. In their search for spirituality, people should turn away from evil acts and seek forgiveness for any harm they may have caused others.


Offering humility shows understanding that nothing rises above the glory of God or the love and compassion of God. Through humility people may approach God, speak of God, and create fellowship in the name of God. One who has humility in his heart and mind does not force others onto a path nor do they punish others who turn away God. Those with humility acknowledges that God blesses each person the freedom to create and travel on their own path, toward their own judgment without hindrance from others. Remember, our focus is our personal relationship with the Creator.


Those ministering the word of God must first live by the word of God. Only by living a life that honors the confirmations can one minister with prudent understanding of the confirmations.