Michael Holder, Founder of Arcanum Dei

The Arcanum Dei Society, through the power of the Sacred Scriptures, brings a message of hope and faith for everyone. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, nationality, world view, social status, or religious differences. There are no financial or political barriers. Everyone is welcome and accepted that believes in one God, the Creator.

Stephen Selman, Houston, TX

The Confirmations speak so much about the wisdom of the message. The doors to acceptance that it opens is without equal. This is a powerful experience of spiritual enlightenment that elevates our faith in God.

Kimberly Daniels, Chicago, IL

God has given us the Confirmations and the Arcanum Dei Society is sharing the message. The revelations of Peter Samaras, found in the Sacred Scriptures, are astonishing and brings my faith in God to a level never before experienced. I feel like my spiritual life has awakened. It is the most profound event in my lifetime.

Robert Sparrow, Los Angeles, CA

God is the wonderful creator of the universe. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. Nothing escapes His notice. God is a special and intimate god who cares for and loves every single speck of creation He has created. God is the ruler of everything. He has complete and total authority over the universe. He has always existed and always will, and is so wonderful that He is best described by the word “indescribable.” God is good and God is just. He is holy and awe-inspiring. God is unmatched in His glory, supreme above everything. God is infinite, being all places and seeing and knowing all things at once. God is the trinity, existing in wholly and completely in three separate beings (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) while still existing entirely as One. God is perfect. And most importantly, God is loving. He loves us and all of creation more than we can possibly know or even imagine. When I needed to write my paper about God, I go to WriteMyPapers.org. They have really professional and christian writers there.

Carl Butler, Boston, MA

The Judeo-Christian religions say we must go to church to find and worship God. The Sacred Scriptures say that within people, and not the church or religious dogma, is where we will find God and, as we strengthen our spirit, so will we strengthen our relationship with God.

Cynthia Gibson, Los Angeles, CA

The movement is a universal calling to worship God. The positive spiritual impact of this movement is immeasurable. For anyone struggling with spirituality, faith, or understanding their purpose to the Creator, reach out to Arcanum Dei and you will find the answers.

Edward Kaufmann, Berlin, Germany

The Sacred Scriptures is the divine wisdom given by the Creator to all the world. I regained my health of mind and spiritual stability because of what I learned. The teachings from the Arcanum Dei is a miracle and I believe that the Sacred Scriptures will save the world from itself. I have found my spiritual strength again.

Lars Henriksen, Oslo, Norway

In the story of Adam and Eve, there were no churches in the Garden of Eden. There existed only the personal relationship between Adam, Eve, and God. The institution of the church is a business perfected throughout history by selling God and religious dogma. As the Sacred Scriptures says, an innocent child who believes in God is one thousand times closer to God than the church of any religion.

Andre Parlier, Paris, France

Out of hundreds, perhaps thousands of documents, powerful groups of religious politicians negotiated deals on which books to include in the Bible and which books to leave out. Each serving their own interests first, then the others, and then finally God. The church says that God “inspired these men” but, in truth, their manipulation of doctrine empowered them and served their interests above God. Again, we are reminded of why faith rests in our personal relationship with God, where there is no possibility of corruption. This is the message revealed by Peter Samaras and the Arcanum Dei Society.

Irena Petrakis, Athens, Greece

We are all equal before God. What separates us is our decisions, actions, and beliefs as they relate to the Creator. This is the universal message promoted by the Arcanum Dei Society and found within the Sacred Scriptures. Arcanum Dei is a spiritual calling, a path where women can reach the highest levels of spiritual leadership. The door to the worship of God is open for everyone to walk through equally.

Sergio Ventura, Sao Paulo, Brazil

My parents were very religious, particularly my mother, so I spent much of my childhood in church. As I grew older, I started to feel a spiritual erosion, a disconnect from God as the church kept pushing the guilt of sins into my mind and their ideas of “what it takes to be a good Catholic”. Then one day I found Arcanum Dei and realized a simple undeniable truth: God created me with natural impulses and the church, instead of accepting this connection between my impulses and God, used feelings of shame, guilt, and ridicule to distract and control me, damaging my spirit and weakening my relationship with God. Now the Arcanum Dei Society shares with me the testimony of Peter Samaras the Holy Messenger, his words found within the Sacred Scriptures and the Confirmations of God. These are the teachings that strengthen my spirituality and bring me the liberation to find, accept, and love God unconditionally.

Jamie Taylor, Melbourne, Australia

When I read all the problems of the world, I think how faith in God has dropped down the priority list. We seem to have lost focus on who we are, where we came from, and what we are doing with our lives. Now, there is real hope as the movement is becoming the catalyst for spiritual change everywhere and giving people a new understanding of personal faith. This understanding can bring the world together and leave everything wrong behind us. This is real spiritual progress in everyway imaginable.

Brandon Harris, Johannesburg, South Africa

With the revelations by Peter Samaras, the Sacred Scriptures have become the new testament for spiritual enlightenment. The message is clear. Strengthen your spiritual relationship with God, live according to the Confirmations, and believe in the life hereafter. I am a member of Arcanum Dei and a strong supporter of the movement. This is the right path for anyone that believes in God.