Sharing the message of God with the world is our mission, our highest priority. For within this message there is hope for personal salvation, forgiveness, religious unity, and drawing closer to the Creator. The message is profound, can shape the future, and alter the way we live our lives.

We believe that changing the world through God’s message calls for a Spiritual Revolution. A revolution that says…

Our God, our Creator has given us so many blessings… from the air that we breathe, the sun shining on the horizon, the joys in our lives, the family that we love, our wonderful friendships, the intelligence and wisdom to reach our goals, the ability to shape our lives, a beautiful world to experience, and a vast universe to explore.

Having received so many blessings… are these worth giving something of value back to God?

If your answer is yes, become a steward of God’s message… contribute to the expansion and growth of this Spiritual Revolution.

As with any great movement, people and resources are needed to clear the challenges that block the path. These resources rely on contributions from those who support the message.  While there are many ways to contribute, the five ways listed below provide the greatest support:


    1. Donations of Funds: Whether $5, $10, $20 or more, a donation by you will strengthen the foundation of this movement.

    2. Donations of Items: These donations include computers, furniture, televisions, office supplies, and vehicles such as cars or trucks, homes, buildings, etc.

    3. Donations of Skills: In a complex and ever-evolving world the need for skills have great value. The need for computer skills, legal skills, teaching skills, marketing skills, building skills, electrician skills, etc are all important resources for the movement.

    4. Special Contributions: These donations include offering part time space such as offices to conduct the operations of the Arcanum Dei Society or homes to  gather for worship, providing transportation and/or housing when needed, etc.

    5. Volunteer Work: Volunteers can fill many important roles such as stepping forth as a spokespersons for the Arcanum Dei Society, helping guide our fundraising efforts, managing operations, etc.