Arcanum Dei Society Celebrations are days designated to celebrate our connection to all of creation and to share fellowship in honoring God. During these very special holidays, we rejoice as we offer our love, praise, and devotion to our Creator.     


Yearly Celebrations – 2016:


Jan 27 Wednesday Day of Welcoming
Mar 20 Sunday Festival of Life (begins)
Mar 22 Tuesday Festival of Life (ends)
July 07 Thursday Day of Love and Compassion
Aug 09 Tuesday Week of the Messenger
Aug 14 Sunday Week of the Messenger
Sep 22 Thursday Festival of Twilight (begins)
Sep 24 Saturday Festival of Twilight (ends)
Oct 11 Tuesday Day of Giving
Dec 27 Tuesday Festival of Creation (begins)
Dec 31 Saturday Festival of Creation (ends)


Descriptions of the Celebratory
Events throughout the Year





The day of the year that new ministers are ordained into Arcanum Dei. Families and friends gather for the Ceremony of Acceptance as their loved one is ordained tion the ministry of the Arcanum Dei Society.  



    • FESTIVAL OF LIFE  (Spring Equinox) – Festival celebrating God’s creation of all living things including honoring the children born since the previous Festival of Life. Families and friends gather for one, two, or three days of festivities, meals, celebration, etc.




A day of fellowship to show our love for others, especially family and friends. A joyous occasion bringing families together to celebrate being a part of each other’s lives.  






Six days held in reverence for the testimony Peter gave to Jonathan. A time for pilgrimages, gathering for public readings of the Commandments, re-enactment of the Miracles, etc.




  • FESTIVAL OF TWILIGHT (Autumn Equinox)


Festival celebrating the latter part of life, honoring those who are older such as grandparents, etc. Families and friends gather for one, two, or three days of festivities, meals, celebration, etc.






A day for special giving to those who have helped strengthen your relationship with God. Celebrated individually or as a family by giving gifts or donations to people who played an important role in your faith and life.


  • FESTIVAL OF CREATION (Winter Solstice)


Festival celebrating the universe God has created, the majesty and omnipotence of God, and giving recognition that we are connected to something even greater than ourselves. Families and friends gather for up to four days of festivities, meals, celebration, etc.