About Us

A New Beginning

We have come together to honor the word of God found within the Scriptures of Rouen.

This newly discovered testament, the Scriptures of Rouen, provides hope, understanding and promise that teaches us how to strengthen our relationship with God. By the authority of the Creator, these scriptures remove our dependence upon religious dogma and releases us from the institutionalized guilt that has pulled so many away from God.

These holy scriptures contain the words of God. With their guidance, we are placed upon a foundation on which to build our spiritual lives and prepare our path into the next life.


Arcanum Dei Society

The Arcanum Dei Society is the fellowship foundation of Arcanum Dei. We are the guardians and protectors of the Scriptures of Rouen.

These sacred scriptures unite people based on their belief in one God and does not separate people by their religious or cultural differences. This tenet forms the spiritual foundation of the Arcanum Dei Society.

Discover the truth and then join us in changing the future of this world by turning spiritual poverty into a fulfilling passion for God, the Creator.


Future Goals

Our goal is to share the teachings found within the Scriptures of Rouen with the world and, with humility, we invite you to become a part of this spiritual revolution.



Founder of Arcanum Dei

Michael Holder is founder of the Arcanum Dei Society and the third person charged with preserving the sacred testimony of Peter Samaras. This testimony serves as the foundation for Arcanum Dei and the doorway to worshiping God, the Creator.

Michael draws upon his devotion and faith in one God, the Creator, when confronting the powerful challenge of sharing and teaching the Sacred Scriptures to the world.