Scriptures say “One God”

Arcanum Dei is a secret order of men and women that have come out of the shadows of religious history to help prepare the world for the coming Apocalypse. These devout disciples are charged with protecting and teaching the wisdom within the newly discovered Scriptures of Rouen.

Through these sacred scriptures, Arcanum Dei reveals the darkest secrets passed down over the centuries and the greatest temptation mankind has faced since the Garden of Eden. These holy scriptures illuminate the mystery of our existence, our connection to the world, the miracles within our faith and our relationship with the Creator.

This relationship extends to all people and removes all the barriers of religious, political, and cultural differences that stood in the way of our understanding of God.

Join the fellowship of Arcanum Dei and breath life into your soul in preparation for the coming Apocalypse. Help lead people from all nations onto a path of salvation and wisdom. Let the world turn their attention toward God, the Creator.